Three Skulls Brew Works

20 Sep 12

Three Skulls Brew WorksThe Three Skulls Brew Works is a brewery born not out of necessity, nor chance, but rather a realisation of a dream. The Skulls don't do ordinary. Want to put Mango and Lavender in a beer?

Why not? Ever tried Peach and Rosemary in a Weiss, why not? The rules of beer and that silly Reinheitsgebot are what hold us back from exploring the indulgent world of flavours one can find, accentuate and produce in beer. The Skulls don't like rules, but they're obsessed with beer, and truly believe that beer could one day change the world. Maybe.

Beer Descriptions:

Gravedigger - American Blonde Ale

Blonde ales are by design an introduction to craft beer. More hoppy and malty than lagers or pilsners this Blonde Ale has aromas of granadilla, passion fruit, raspberry and grapefruit. Fruity on the nose with a malty backbone this 4.5% ale is made with 3 different American Hops and a Californian yeast. Pair this aromatic ale with pink fish, sticky chicken, sushi, Italian white or red sauce pastas and salty cheeses for a memorable meal.

Deadrise Weiss - Wheat Beer

Wheat beers rely on good yeast to give them the flavours one would expect, so the yeast remains in the beer to give it a cloudy appearance. Either a phenolic clove like flavour or a sweet banana ester on the nose can be achieved by manipulating temperatures during brewing and fermentation.. The Skulls liked both of these components in wheat beer so Deadrise has hints of clove on the swallow and a pleasing soft banana aroma. At 4.5% this golden wheat ale should be paired with lighter fare to enhance the subtlety of the beer - ., Salads are an excellent pairing choice as the mild acidity found in a wheat beer pairs nice with vinaigrette, and the beer is neutral enough to ride along with a fruit flavoured dressing. White Fish, Goats Cheese, Cold meats and fresh fruit will leave you ordering another Deadrise Weiss.

Golden Skull - American India Pale Ale (IPA)

A veritable hop explosion. Three massively aromatic American Hops are added in large quantities throughout the boil to deliver the unmistakeable citrus aromas that are expected in American IPA's. Grapefruit, Orange, Granadilla, Passion Fruit, Pine and Mango are all flavours you could pickup on the nose followed by a slight toasted biscuit flavour in the body to stand up to the enormous amounts of hops used. This beer turns up the volume on flavour, so it need dishes with similar intensity to pair with. Hop flavour melds wonderfully with common Indian spices like tamarind, coriander, and cardamom. Fajita's, grilled meat, bacon and of course blue cheese will bring this hop forward beer to life.

The brewery is situated in Wynberg, Sandton and is regrettably not open to the public. Bottled beer will be available from December 2012.

Twitter: @threeskullsbeer