Water conservation for a prosperous future

02 Feb 15

SAB Stories discuss the importance of water conservation and protecting our wetlands in South Africa.Though we often don’t see it, wetlands play an important role in our everyday lives. While countless species of plants and animals depend on them for survival, these areas are also vital to humanity, providing “ecosystem services”. They are important in maintaining the natural balance which allows plant and animal species to thrive. And many communities around South Africa depend on them to survive.

Our involvement in agriculture and conservation is where we can make a difference to our country’s precious natural environment. Just as a community needs diverse people for a healthy, functioning group, so too does our country need its diverse natural environments.

Our 2020 vision for a prosperous and equitable society living in harmony with its natural resources strives to achieve this. We’re focusing not only on water conservation and environmental sustainability, but also on the welfare of the communities around these resources.


Find out about some of our initiatives by clicking on their titles:

Water in agriculture

Our Better Barley Better Beer programme was introduced to encourage more sustainable farming within the supply chain. It addresses water reduction, soil health and the clearing of alien vegetation, amongst other agricultural issues.

Making more beer using less water

We’re exploring a range of opportunities for saving water in our brewing operations and supply chain wherever possible.

The Strategic Water Partners Network

We play an active role in this group of organisations, working together to improve water efficiency and infrastructure in South Africa.

Empowering rural communities

By providing employment and income to rural farming communities through our investment in local agricultural, more people are empowered economically. This leads to them becoming less reliant on using scarce natural resources for their survival.

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