Where to find great draught beer in South Africa

11 Mar 15

Draught beer in South AfricaEnjoy our guide to the most flavourful, fresh places to drink draught.

Beer lovers will appreciate the difference that freshness can make to their beer experience. Draught beer, served fresh from the keg, is generally the most fresh and flavourful form of brew you’ll find.

We’ve rounded up the most popular taprooms in South Africa where you can get the freshest draught beer. Whether you’re out for a relaxed drink with friends or painting the town red, there’s no excuse for bad beer.

Join us in the quest for the best draught by rating the barman’s pour and you could also win with the SAB Draught Quality League.

The SAB draught outlet guide

Western Cape



Some notable inland outlets


Have we missed any? Share any additional favourites in the comments section below.