Young entrepreneurs giving back to South Africa

01 Jun 15

South African Entrepreneurs Give BackYoung Entrepreneurs of 2015 Series

They’re not just boosting the economy; they’re giving back in many other ways.

In the third of our series on young entrepreneurs in South Africa, we profile the SAB KickStart Boost finalists for 2015, and find out why and how they’re not just intent on creating jobs, but contributing to their communities as well. For some, like Nolubabalo Pulu, her business evolved out of a need to make hygiene more accessible for those in her community, while for others, like farmer Clement Pilusa, it’s about the bigger picture of food security.

Find out how each of these young achievers is making a difference in South Africa today:


The impact of job creation

Solomon Tohlang South African Entrepreneur“We employ 120 part-time promoters who are part of different communities in various provinces. We provide them with basic training to be promoters and through our stokvel events we encourage stokvel groups to be formalised and grow their stokvel into formal businesses.”

Solomon Tohlang has created a marketing business around stokvel communities, while bringing new ideas to support the growth of stokvels.



Precious Segametse Mapedi SAB KickStart Boost programme Finalist 2015“I have employed 4 people who are all from the communities around me. I have employed mostly youth who I train develop their skills.”

Precious Segametse Mapedi owns Ayate Fish and Chips in Limpopo, and is passionate about creating jobs locally.




Bonisile Mjoli South African Entrepreneur“My great inspiration is from the positive impact I see this small business doing to the people's lives of my community, and how it has improved the quality of life of people I work with. The business has employed three people permanently and one casual at the moment.”

Bonisile Mjoli’s vehicle fitment centre in Motherwell, Eastern Cape also gives back where it can through local initiatives. They recently painted a local school.



Chantelle Smith South African Entrepreneur“If businesses don’t pay it forward, who will? Not everything is about money. Sharing some knowledge; teaching some of your skills; all those things contribute to a better, healthy community.”

Chantelle Smith’s business fulfils a need in her community for affordable, convenient and efficient health care services for individuals without a medical aid.

Food security and school visits

Clement Ngwako Pilusa SAB KickStart Boost programme Finalist 2015“The business has employed two people permanently and the number will increase by three people to have five employees total by July 2015.

We play a vital role in skills development initiatives by transferring plant and broiler production skills that we have to young and old people [alike].

The business ensures chicken meat accessibility and affordability to local communities

We also do school visits to speak to young people about the importance of agriculture and the role it plays in the country’s economy and growth, and also recommend it as a very important career.”

Clement Pilusa farms vegetables and chickens, and has contributed to the growing global debate on food security.


Making hygiene and healthcare accessible

Nolubabalo Pulu South African Entrepreneur“My business recognised the importance of hygiene and its impact on the health of people as well as the environment. It has geared all its operations to provide quality products to people in its community who are very sensitive to price in these hard economic times.

The firm also plays a direct role in assisting in youth development, particularly youth based in the East London and Mdantsane region. We believe in working with the local community for tasked projects and works.

Nolubabalo Pulu’s business was founded on a need for safe and hygienic homecare and cleaning materials at competitive prices.


Ranjan Sewgambar South African Entrepreneur“There is an evident need for [private audiology] services for the growing lower-middle income groups and LSM groups. The growing incidence of hearing loss is a factor that pushes me to try and determine innovative ways of serving these patients.”

Ranjan Sewgambar is a Private Practicing Audiologist who has innovated in both the service and process aspects of his business to make audiology services more accessible.



Promoting environmental sustainability

Angelo Rucian Maart South African Entrepreneur“It’s all about awareness and educating our people to the importance of sustainable living. Our business is small, however, what we doing is going to make a BIG difference.”

Angelo Maart’s waste and hygiene management business in Cape Town, services businesses across Cape Town.




Caroline Kgomo SAB KickStart Boost programme Finalist 2015“There is room for improvement in the recycling industry, towards which I intend to contribute.

As Africa’s main industrialized economy, South Africa consumes significant amounts of resources and energy… Recycling and waste management have become increasingly important as a policy response to managing and protecting the environment.”

Caroline Kgomo owns a waste management business in Ficksburg.



Innovation in new products

Hollo Molatelo Matlala South African Entrepreneur“Our systems will give government and stakeholders a cheaper and free water solutions for both rural and urban areas.

Our security systems aim to protect the countries assets in the energy sector and telecommunications sector through anti-theft system for copper theft.”

Hollo Matlala’s business uses innovative technology, specialising in solar energy systems within the water sector while also offering anti-copper theft security systems.




About these entrepreneurs and SAB KickStart Boost:

Each of these promising young South Africans has received business grant funding and is currently undergoing an intensive business development support programme as part of the SAB KickStart Boost programme. This will culminate in an award ceremony at the end of this year where the top five stand to win additional loan grant funding of between R100 000 and R500 000. The next year’s SAB KickStart Boost Competition is open for entry until 31 May. Find out more here.