Our Leadership

We’re led by masters of the craft

It takes a special group of people to hold the reigns of a well-loved name in a country with such a rich beer heritage. People who share their passion for the art of brewing beer; people who feel a sense of pride when they hold up a bottle of the golden liquid, watching it catch the sun and knowing they’re part of making something beautiful.

SAB has a large footprint in South Africa, but we’re headed up by a group who take very careful steps. The SAB name is proudly attached to a bunch of projects that work to protect South Africans from the dangers of irresponsible drinking. We’re also dedicated to becoming 100% sustainable, investing in South Africa and her economy, helping to build from the ground up by working with entrepreneurs and farmers across the country – all coming together to give you the best beer experience South Africa has to offer.

It’s all carefully guided by a team who places South Africa and her people at the centre of everything SAB does. A shared goal of creating the centrepiece of enjoyment throughout the country and beyond, bringing people together – knowing that “Cheers!” is never a goodbye. Only ever a greeting to good times.

Ricardo Moreira
Zone President
Lucia Swartz
VP People
Joao Dahne
BU President South Africa
Bruno Cosentino
VP Marketing
Zoleka Lisa
VP Corporate Affairs SA
Richard Rivett-Carnac
VP Finance, Legal and Corporate Affairs
Rodrigo De Oliveira
VP Logistics
Conor Ruff
VP Procurement & Sustainability
Fernando Figiacone
VP Supply
John Rogers
VP Solutions