Smart Drinking

SAB is committed to helping foster a global culture  of responsible drinkingof smart drinking to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, and aspires to every experience with beer being a positive one. We believe that smart drinking choices affect everyone. The harmful usemisuse of alcohol remains an issue of significant concern to governments, and society and to us.

Our Focus Areas are:


The Responsible Trade Programme aims to address the issue of harmful consumption of alcohol that takes place in communities, with a focus on our retailers. Through the programme, we encourage retailers to play a role in addressing harmful consumption of alcohol in their respective outlets. Retailers are audited for compliance against

Retailers who comply with the above are certified according to their level compliance which gives them access to certain rewards. The audits for compliance are done bi-annually and retailers get access to training to close gaps in between audits therefore giving them an opportunity to improve their level in upcoming audits.


The formalization programme focuses on the formalizing of illegal outlets as a means of addressing the harmful consumption of alcohol in these unregulated outlets. It is widely understood that harmful consumption of alcohol is rife in the informal sector. By formalizing these outlets, they can be easily regulated as they would be trading within the confines of the law and would have to abide by  licensing conditions. The formalization programme offers illegal outlets an opportunity to trade legally by applying and paying for the liquor license application for them. Upon receipt of liquor license, the outlets are taken through a business development programme to help build their business acumen for the sustainability of the outlets.

Our Global Smart Drinking Goals are a set of programs and initiatives focused on shifting social norms, consumer behaviors, and our own business practices — in order to make a tangible contribution to the reduction of harmful use of alcohol globally. Developed alongside public health officials, these goals reflect our belief in evidence-based solutions and that independent, rigorous and transparent measurement and evaluation are key to progress. Our goals are also designed to be collaborative and evolving. Working in partnership with public health bodies, civil society, and governments, we aim to implement evidence-based approaches, uncover new ways to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, and act upon them. Our intent is not only to use the knowledge generated by this work to improve our own efforts and business practices, but also to share what we learn with others. (from ABI website)



Our dream for Road Safety is to reduce fatalities, and drinking and driving incidences on South African roads. SAB aims to deliver 10 operational Alcohol Evidence Centres (AEC) across South Africa by the end of 2021.

Initial results (April 2019 – April 2020) from our Pietermaritzburg AEC shows real potential to achieve our desired outcomes


Our passion for brewing the golden liquid extends to taking care of the people who enjoy it. We’re well aware of the issues surround alcohol abuse in South Africa, and have committed ourselves to shift behaviours and perceptions around the consumption of alcohol through our Global Smart Drinking Goals launched in 2015.

We’re also empowering consumers to make smart drinking choices by offering beers with lower alcohol content, or no alcohol content at all. It’s the same great taste with the same high quality ingredients, with none of the risk of alcohol consumption.

The various programs and initiatives we’ve created have been developed in close partnership with public health experts, ensuring that our approach is set against the world’s best technical and scientific evidence.