At SAB we started years ago.

We’ve been committed to building a sustainable future for years – starting in South Africa, and going global as part of the AB InBev family.

Our industry relies on many moving parts coming together to create one smooth, reliable value chain, and we’ve been committed to creating real sustainability with as low an impact as possible for years. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve created with our South African farmers, who supply the highest quality ingredients available using smart agricultural practises, ensuring the land – and the people who farm it – are looked after.

SAB beers start their journey on a South African farm, find themselves on the shelves of local retailers, and in the hands of the people who keep the country growing. Our far-reaching supply chain means that we’ve been a part of tangible job creation for future-forward entrepreneurs and businesses, working together to create something beautiful, leaving behind the smallest footprint possible.

And internally, we’ve been working toward transforming our facilities into breweries of the future, relying on renewable energy sources, and 100% recyclable product packaging. It’s about giving more than we take.

Our goals for 2025

South African Breweries and our holding company, AB InBev, have committed to a number of a Sustainable Development Goals, in line with those of the United Nations.

Smart agriculture

Locally sourced ingredients from sustainable farms, who look after their land so it looks after us in return.

Water stewardship

South Africa is a drought hotspot – we’re taking it upon ourselves to ensure careful, responsible water usage.

Circular packaging

Glasses to glasses, dust to dust. Our bottles are 100% recyclable – less waste means more enjoyment, for us and our customers.

Climate action

We’re always looking for ways to cut down on our carbon footprint, with renewable energy to power our facilities being a top priority.

Smart drinking

We’re fully invested in shifting perceptions and changing behaviours so that every experience of an SAB beer is a positive one.