Smart Agriculture

Agriculture remains one of the most powerful tools to reduce poverty and foster economic growth especially in rural areas. In partnership with FarmSol we have supported over 1800 emerging farmers and paid over 120 million in profits to developing farmers and entrepreneurs, 900 of the supported farmers were female, this is a great accomplishment. Four new funding partners have also joined hands with FarmSol allowing our programme and impact to grow, today our farmers grow multiple crops diversifying their operations and ensuring sustainable growth of their businesses. For agriculture to be sustainable, it must meet the needs of current and future generations as well as ensure profitability, environmental health. Over time, sustainable agriculture can contribute to all four pillars of food security – availability, access, utilization, and stability. 


Water Stewardship

Our response to water stewardship, is based on localized risk factors and considers how we can influence change that aids communities around which we operate, while supporting all living ecosystems. Our comprehensive 7-step watershed management process has allowed us to ensure 100% of our high-stress sites have a response strategy in place that supports water security. We continue to support long-term partnerships with World-Wide Fund for Nature SA and the Strategic Water Partners Network, elevate groundwater awareness and abstraction monitoring, through the Table Mountain Water Source Partnership and work to expand innovation within our operations, through Project Imifino at our Ibhayi Brewery


Circular Packaging

We take our recycling seriously and are constantly looking for ways to increase the recycled materials in our packaging. We look for ways to increase recycling rates through the recovery and reuse of materials. We strive to reduce the amount of virgin material we use in our packaging, and educate consumers on the importance of recycling. We believe that working together with industry peers, and entrepreneurs is of paramount importance to create a viable and formal green waste economy



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