SAB brings drama to the airwaves with its first audio series that aims to drive behaviour change in communities.

The South African Breweries (SAB) today launched a national audio series aptly named Zikhethele – Isinqumo Ngesakho, loosely translated as “Make a decision - The choice is yours.” Storytelling may have evolved over the years, but one firm favourite remains among South Africans: a gripping radio drama which speaks to the nation’s rich heritage in the African tradition of oral storytelling.

Through this audio series, which will be available on radio and digital platforms over the course of five episodes commencing 20 April 2023, Zikhethele will illustrate the importance of peoples’ agency in making personal choices and being an influence to others in the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Sphe Vundla, Corporate Brand Director at SAB says, “We want to immerse people in a story that is true to life and relatable in order for the nation to realise the power of the choices we make when it comes to responsibility. This at the center of the vision behind SAB Sharp our responsibility platform which seeks to drive behaviour change and promote the responsible drinking, advertising and trade of alcohol. We are committed to showing up in ways that champion responsibility and uplift our communities.”

Zikhethele will feature two of South Africa’s leading talents in Fezile Makhanya and industry veteran actress Gcina Mkhize who will lend their voices to the lead characters Siya and Thato. The series will be interactive and in an innovative engagement technique: the audience will be encouraged to vote in order influence the decisions of the characters and the direction of the storyline as they navigate their choices about responsible drinking. 
Lead actress on the audio series, Gcina Mkhize adds that she is honoured to be part of something so meaningful, and it is the gift of storytelling that has brought her this far to be able to entertain audiences far and wide on issues that are facing communities. She hopes that South Africans will be educated as the story unravels from this audio series.

Vundla concludes, “We have made great inroads in normalising conversations around responsibility by turning ‘phuza’ or drunk Thursdays to #SharpThursdays with our engaged social media audience. I’m really excited to see how this multi-channel integrated approach will help us take this existing engagement and education to the next level with each episode, every Thursday. We really want our audience to stop, think and make better decisions. I believe we believe we can achieve that.”

Catch weekly episodes of Zikhethele – Isinqumo Ngesakho from 20 April – 18 May 2023 on all audio streaming platforms every Thursday at 17:00. To listen on spotify click here here or on Apple podcast click here
You can also pledge your commitment to responsibility by signing the SAB Sharp Charter here


More about SAB Sharp

SAB Sharp is SAB’s responsibility platform that encompasses four pillars of the platform’s programmes and interventions: Live Sharp, Drive Sharp, Talk Sharp and Sell Sharp

  • Live sharp is our strategy to uplift the areas in which we operate. Our communities deserve a safe environment where people can thrive, and we are committed to uplift the areas and drive economic inclusion.
  • Drive sharp’s focus is to reduce alcohol-related vehicle accidents. We believe that it’s always better to have “none for the road”. SAB’s commitment here is to partner with authorities to enforce regulations and discourage drink driving. 
  • SAB’s focus on compliance is evident in “Sell sharp”. Retail partners come under scrutiny to ensure they are trading responsibly and are compliant with liquor regulations. We offer them training, and SAB rewards the businesses who champion responsible consumption in communities. 
  • “Talk sharp” is how SAB promotes beer enjoyment without condoning binge drinking. This is achieved through responsible marketing and promoting the enjoyment of responsible beer drinking.
  • SAB released an annual impact report that tracks the progress made across the focus areas. The 2021 SAB investment of R320.4 million into the programme shows that several successes were realised. These include: 
    • The establishment of 10 Alcohol Evidence Centres (AEC) around the country. These were equipped with state-of-the-art testing gear to test blood alcohol levels and accelerate the prosecution of offenders 
    • The auditing of more than 30 000 retail outlets; the formalisation of over 50 illegal retail outlets, the reinstatement of more than 100 retail outlets
    • The provision of grants to over 130 retailers affected by the 2021 looting.