SAB opens Alcohol Evidence Centre in Polokwane, ensuring more safety on SA’s roads

SAB opens Alcohol Evidence Centre in Polokwane, ensuring more safety on SA’s roads

Following the recent Alcohol Evidence Centre (AEC) handover to the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, in East London, the South African Breweries will be handing over the 10th AEC to the Polokwane Local Municipality today (14 December) in the presence of MEC for transport and community safety in Limpopo, Mavhungu Lerule – Ramakhanya. The centre is equipped with the necessary equipment to accurately and efficiently determine the breath alcohol level of a person suspected of driving under the influence. This marks yet another milestone in SAB’s effort to bolster the fight against driving under the influence in South Africa’s various municipalities.

With the AEC, and the launch of SAB Sharp, the organisation intends to create a safer and smarter drinking culture. Lower blood alcohol concentration limits and stricter enforcement have been proven around the world to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities linked to drinking and driving.

Communities Specialist Marcia Tembe - Mncwabe, says “As a responsible corporate citizen, SAB understands the impact that drinking, and driving has on communities across the country. Initiatives such as the AECs are necessary in helping to remind South Africans that drunk driving is unacceptable on our roads”

Over the years, these centres have become a crucial in helping law enforcement test suspected drunk drivers and confirm their breath or blood alcohol limit using Evidentiary Breathalyser Alcohol Testing (EBAT) and registered medical practitioners. Following that, the AECs are all fully equipped to also ensure that the evidence is properly collected and admissible in court.

“we want to reinforce the sentiment that people should never drive after drinking, not even after one drink. These centres are our best effort to help equip law enforcement with the tools and support they need to effectively prosecute transgressors.” says, Tembe – Mncwabe

The handover of the Polokwane Local Municipality AEC fulfills SAB’s commitment to have a minimum of ten AECs up and running by the end of 2021. The ten AECs are currently located in Limpopo; Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Gauteng. Moreover, SAB Sharp’s vision is to establish 50 AECs by 2025 with the support of key road safety stakeholders, which is founded at the back of SAB’s commitment to help the nation Drive Sharp, which aims to help reduce alcohol-related incidents and fatalities by 2025.