Biogas recovery plant at Alrode

22 Mar 15

SAB has developed a biogas recovery plant at its Alrode Brewery in Gauteng to reduce its traditional dependency on coal. It has already set SAB on a path towards greener options by successfully reducing the brewery’s carbon footprint by approximately 7%.

The two-phase project involves biologically treating water waste using an anaerobic digestion (AD) process, which generates a biogas, methane, used as an alternative energy source for the boiler.

SAB is commissioning similar units at its Newlands Brewery in Cape Town and Rosslyn Brewery, North of Pretoria.

SAB continues to seek ways to use waste and generate renewable energy in order to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels, such as coal. A study was recently undertaken in Polokwane to evaluate the possibility of integrating solar energy into the manufacturing process. The preliminary findings are under review.