Brewed For Greatness

24 Aug 15

Now that we’re at the end of our Big Brewing series, we hope that you, the beer lover, understand that our scale of brewing is made possible through passion and standards of excellence.

When we started the Big Brewing series, we wanted beer lovers to know what brewing on a large scale means to us. We’ve covered several aspects of the process, from the immense skill that it takes to master the brewing process; to the astonishing cutting-edge technology that it takes to brew South Africa’s top beer brands. We’ve also covered the significance of 120 years of brewing history and given you a peek behind the scenes at a brewery.

When it comes to brewing, we’re not willing to settle for anything less than the best. Working with stellar brands demands the skills and ingenuity only a stellar workforce can provide. And we’ve shown how we invest into our efforts into building genuine, long lasting relationships with our employees. After all, they are the unsung heroes that bring our customers excellent, award-winning beers all across the country.

If we’re being honest, brewing is not that difficult. The real challenge is brewing really good beer, at scale, and doing it consistently, for a really long time. This takes passion. There are very few brewers that can say they have twelve decades of institutional knowledge to draw from in every aspect of the craft. And even fewer can say they have the full support of employees who are the best in the industry. So let’s face it, bigger, in our case at least, is better.

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Brewed by Beer Lovers

We directly employ over 5600 passionate and hard-working individuals across South Africa.

Our Longest-Serving Employee

Having worked at Chamdor Brewery for 42 years, Naphie Maleke’s service has run as long as the brewery has been in operation.


The Best Brands

Seven of our brands were in the 2014 Sunday Times Top 10 Brands Survey.

Legendary Beer

Carling Black Label has won a total of 29 awards, the latest being

  • Grand Gold at the Monde International Awards
  • IBD Africa (2ndPlace)
  • International Taste Quality Institute (3 Star Gold)