#HappySummerBeer cocktail recipes series: Milk Stout Medley

18 Dec 13

#HappySummerBeer cocktail recipes series Milk Stout MedleyIn the second post of our  #HappySummerBeer cocktail series we’ll show you how to create the delectable Milk Stout Medley, perfect for Summer.

Beer cocktails are the playful next step of the craft beer movement. Traditional beers are being used in unconventional ways, creatively pushing the boundaries while at the same time pleasing the palate. Beautifully shaken and stirred, these are sophisticated concoctions of fresh fruit, herbs, spices, juices and syrups combined with quality beer. The result is a sophisticated flavour sensation. The Milk Stout Medley is a combination of Castle Milk Stout and Brutal Fruit Cranberry, perfectly suited for a sunny afternoon spent in lazy decadence. The fruitiness of the cranberry is balanced by the smooth rich stout flavours, brought together with a touch of spice.

Milk Stout Medley

Ingredients: 8 Raspberries 12, 5ml Vanilla Syrup 1 Bottle Castle Milk Stout 1 Bottle Brutal Fruit Cranberry Garnish: Ground nutmeg Method

  1. Place raspberries and vanilla syrup into a glass.
  2. Using a muddler/pestle press the raspberries and syrup together.
  3. Add cubed ice and Brutal Fruit Cranberry to the glass and stir slowly to infuse the flavours into the liquid.
  4. Pour Castle Milk Stout into a Brandy snifter or similarly sized glass.
  5. Strain raspberries, syrup and Brutal Fruit into the glass.
  6. Garnish with a dusting of Nutmeg.

Serve, share and enjoy! Remember to drink responsibly. #HappySummerBeer