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Johannesburg. 30 January 2020. SAB is determined to stop drinking and driving on South African roads and help further reduce the number of drink-driving related injuries and deaths in the country. This follows the announcement last week by the national Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula that road accident related deaths had decreased by 10% from the previous year during the holiday period.

“While SAB welcomes this about-turn from previous years, we want to make bold steps to build onto what we already have in place to make a contribution towards reducing instances of misuse of alcohol and the harm that it causes,” says Zoleka Lisa, VP Corporate Affairs, SAB. 

“Despite it being a priority for our government, SAB believes that collective action from as many relevant stakeholders, including industry, is required to address the challenge.”

To help drive further reductions and increase safety on roads, SAB’s #NoneForTheRoad’ Road Safety campaign initiated at the end of 2019 is set to continue throughout this year, driving home the message that people should not consume any alcohol when driving.

“Current regulations note the legal drinking limit to be a blood alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1,000ml, or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml. We are saying that no one should take the chance and instead have not even one drink if driving.”  

In effecting the greatest impact, SAB hopes to normalise #NoneForTheRoad amongst South Africans so they are consistently aware of their behaviour and how their choices have an impact on them and others. 

“As a leading producer of alcohol we want to take the lead in helping to reduce the misuse of alcohol and the harm that it causes and consistently encourage responsible consumption.”  

SAB further supports the minister’s recent call to reduce the blood alcohol content to 0%. “We believe that the most drastic steps need to be taken to reduce even further the carnage on our roads,” says Lisa.

SAB’s national delivery trucks have been branded with the ‘None for the Road’ messaging to support the campaign and visibly encourage responsible behaviour and safer roads.  

“SAB’s extensive distribution network across South Africa enables us to reach even some of the country’s most remote areas. We hope to use this foothold to spread the message far and wide and remind people of the dangers of drinking and driving.”  

Several initiatives support SAB’s drive to encourage responsible drinking amongst consumers to make roads safer. The business has partnered with the Department of Transport, the Road Traffic Management Corporation and local policing authorities to launch several Alcohol Evidence Centres (AECs) across the country to help curb incidences of drinking and driving. Law enforcement officials are able to effectively detect alcohol levels at the facilities.

SAB also actively encourages consumers to make smart drinking choices such as ‘pacing’ by alternating between alcohol and non-alcohol drinks during social occasions.




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