The Story of Newlands Brewery

15 Jun 12

The Story of Newlands BreweryIn the heart of suburban Newlands, Cape Town, is an incredibly special place – a place that has defined the character of an industry for the past 350 years. The Newlands Brewery can rightly be called the grandfather of beer in South Africa – place where it all began.

The Story

In fact, the story of beer in the Cape pre-dates the region’s famed wine industry. It all began in 1658, when a man called Pieter Visagie first brewed beer on the banks of the Liesbeek – a river that’s source was an everlasting flow of clear rainwater from the slopes of Table Mountain.

More than 100 years later, in the mid-1800s, Jacob Letterstedt built the original Mariendahl Brewery in Newlands. Today it forms part of Newlands Brewery, the oldest commercial brewery in South Africa.

Upon Letterstedt’s death, Anders Ohlsson acquired the Brewery and was the first in a succession of proud brewers to nurture the noble traditions that continue to this day… traditions like only using the crystal clear spring water of Newlands in the brewing process.

When SAB took ownership in 1956, the pick of the original buildings - the old Malt House, Oast House and Mariendahl Tower Brewery - still stood proud. In the early 1990’s SAB undertook a major renovation of the historic buildings and in October 1995, these buildings were granted National Heritage status and stand as monuments to a proud tradition dating back to 1820, like stories told in stone.

Today, the legendary spring water of Newlands still bubbles up, as crystal clear and pure as ever. It goes against the grain for the brewery to use anything but the finest 100% pure natural spring water in every single one of their legendary and award-winning brews.

At Newlands Brewery - as at all SAB breweries - only the finest ingredients are used in the brewing process. The barley, maize and hops used at Newlands Brewery are certified as non-GMO, which means that they are not genetically modified in any way.

Newlands Brewery brews eight champion beers - each brewed passionately and with time-honoured brewing techniques by some of the most talented and experienced brewers in South Africa, ensuring that only the finest beer is enjoyed from every expertly crafted keg, can or bottle.

Brewing beer requires patience and care with a standard brewing time of around three weeks, which covers the brewing processes of mashing, fermentation and maturation.
But why not experience the making of beer for yourself next time you’re in Cape Town by taking a tour of Newlands Brewery?

For only R30 per person, you can have a fantastic beer experience, get a taste of history and enjoy 100% refreshment with almost 200 years of tradition when you sample their coldest, freshest, finest beers!

For more information about brewery tours or to book, contact Newlands Brewery on:

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Tours run:.

Weekdays at 10am, 12pm and 2pm

Saturdays at 10am