Water and the SAB Waste Management Plan

03 Apr 13

SAB has a comprehensive water saving strategy in place that is guided by the Five Rs:

  • Protect
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Redistribute

We’ve already managed to achieve some impressive results and we’ll continue to work towards improving these statistics:

  • We’ve reduced the amount of water used in the brewery per litre of beer produced by X% to 3.8 litres since 2011. We’re committed to reducing that figure by a further 25% by 2015
  • We’ve also been appointed to co-chair the Strategic Water Partners Network with the Department of Water Affairs – put in place to minimise the projected water deficit by 2030

We have developed a game plan that focusses on four areas: water usage in the brewery, in the supply chain, in the community and water governance. By working together with suppliers, the government and the communities we can prevent the projected water deficit of 2030. Some of the projects we’ve initiated within these areas include:

  • Let the River Flow: Wilge River
  • Water Futures Partnership: Corporate stewardship
  • Strategic Water Partnership Network

We also worked with WWF to develop a world-leading water risk analysis in the hops industry. This allows us to further understand shared risks facing the industry.

Read more about our initiatives regarding water conservation, zero waste tolerance, recycling and reducing our carbon footprint.